February 25, 2024
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A viral note of a mother amid Covid 19 Period…..

An emotional note of a mother is getting viral for the past few days on social media. One of the famous gynecologist Shabnam Tahir sends a great message to everyone in the world regarding the death of her son Salman Tahir, a fourth-year student. Back to that mother’s words.

“God bless everyone. My son is no more with us. Today I have decided to come here and talk to you so that you will not lose your children. I am not only a mother but also a doctor.My son was not sick or had low immunity. From the time he was just 21 years old, he was healthy, learning and interacting with everyone. He was a student who wanted to give his services to everyone as a learned doctor. But all that changed during those 72 hours. It can be said that he did not go out during the lockdown. He was out in his own vehicle for two minutes and got out for 5 minutes. Handwash soon. At noon he ate very little. When I said no pain, I looked at the temperature … 99 degrees fever. I felt scared. Given the current situation, I isolated him at home. Within 24 hours it was up to 101 degrees. My husband, who is also a pediatrician, suspected meningitis when he was told that his neck had stiffness that morning. But there were no signs of vomiting. Immediately take his blood sample and send inquire. Bacterial meningitis doctor says antibiotics

Within half an hour he was taken to the hospital’s isolation room. Lumbar puncture and test results after viral meningitis. When asked if we should do a covid test, the doctor said it does not appear to be necessary. I was with him during the treatment. He had no colds, sore throats, coughs, stomach pains or ear pains. He then underwent a CT scan when he saw a slight swelling around one of his eyes and showed neurosurgeon. Normal was. He said it could be due to meningitis. But he said he would take a chest xray. I saw a small patch on Xray. Covid testing was done immediately. And the result was positive.

All I can see is that suddenly his condition got worse. He also had an oxygen level drop along with a heart rate and respiratory rate. Pneumonia is the most severe and it takes about 8-12 hours to get out of it despite so much external support. So he said goodbye to everyone. My husband’s covid test result has just come and gone. He is in isolation. We haven’t even been able to bounce off our gold and break one another. I am in isolation. Salman’s post-mortem was performed according to the covid protocol. As my test came back negative, I will sit in isolation for a few days and then I will continue with my work.

But I have a few things to tell you. I request you all to follow the following thing:

1) Do not step outside because there are no risk factors. Even if you are not, the risk of becoming a carrier is huge. The biggest probability I got when tracing my son’s contact was that both of us were working as carriers. So the son sitting at home may have been affected.

2) You should not walk outside or visit the hospital or visit the patient without the necessity.

3) I still see patients treating infertility. Tell them you haven’t forgiven for 10 years. Wait another 6 months. Now for that.

4) Comply with the government regulations. It is wrong to say that they are spreading unnecessary fear. Despite being a doctor and being treated in an all-encompassing hospital, I had to look for help when I could not see my eyes in front of my eyes.

5) To the once who are telling that doctors are looting money I will give you all my treasures and money. Would you give me my son instead?

6) I warn everyone who think the virus will not effect them that don’t put your loved once to trouble and get infected

“I wish no Mothers  lose their children … Amen”

Amid Covid 19 period lets follow the instructions of the government and follow the personal cleanliness and social distance and another Salman Tahir will not be among us. Keep yourself safe from getting infected by the corona.

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