July 15, 2020

Haiti: a Caribbean heaven

This country had several times confronted terrible invasions, natural disasters, and war. Each and every time, through their determination, they survived all dangers successfully. Recently, in 2010, the Caribbean’s most populous country had faced a devastating earthquake. Tens of thousands of innocent people were killed and lakhs of people were displaced from their homeland.

As usual, Haitians demonstrated strong courage and determination to reinstate its past pride. To an extent, they have succeeded in doing so. Now, the oldest Latin American country is undergoing a recovery era.haaa

Fortunately, these disasters have not shattered the real wealth of this nation. In terms of history, art, culture, and natural beauty, Haiti is one of the wealthiest nations in this world.

The country possesses African characterises and cultural traces rather than Latin American character and culture. We can find African traces in its music, architecture, and food.

The island was initially discovered on 1492 by the renowned Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus. The island was originally inhabited by the Taino community.


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