January 21, 2022
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Around 55 per cent of undertrials minorities: NCRB prison data report

A sensitive report released by the National Crime Records Bureau revealed that over fifty-five per cent of the undertrails are underprivileged people belonging to the minority communities like Dalits, ST, SC, and Muslims. As per the report, around one-third of all prisoners are undertrials. This clearly indicates that over one-third people who are serving their life in the jail can neither be categorised as criminals nor be branded as convicts. The other shocking fact is that the preponderance of the undertrials is not properly educated. At least seventy per cent of the undertrials have not even cleared tenth standard. As per the 2011 Census data, around 14.2 per cent of people living in our country are Muslims. Similarly, we have 16.6 per cent SC and 8.6 per cent ST. Altogether, these minority communities account for nearly 39 per cent of the total population. When we compare this statistic report with the NCRB prison date report, we can clearly see that there is some disproportionate factor in the data. Even though we only have 39 per cent minorities, these communities make up over 55 per cent undertrials. Should we conclude that the minority section is more violent than the majority section? Or, Should we declare that the law is unequally divided between the majority and minority sections? Experts say that our government should at least make sure the undertrial status does not disrupt the education and future of the people.


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