April 1, 2023
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Does alleged culpability of SIMI activists give authorities the freedom to encounter?

Since the news about the Madhya Pradesh encounter appeared in the medias, the preponderance of the peace lovers ask does the alleged culpability of SIMI activists give the security personals the freedom to encounter. Even before asking the question loudly, the governing party, BJP, came to rescue and protect the security personals by raising the patriotic card. Yes, we are not supposed to hurt the morale of our soldiers and security personals who are working for our well-being. But, is this the right way to handle this situation? Will it lead to further polarization? Can it give a wrong message to the minority community living in our society? These are the prime questions raised against the BJP government, which is ruling both the center and the Madhya Pradesh government in which the encounter took place.

Anyway, the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has decided to conduct an investigation into the jail-break, which led to the encounter. Notably, the MPHRC sought a report from the security authorities on the MP encounter in which nearly eight SIMI activists were killed. It is learned that the MPHRC will seek a detailed report from the collector after the completion of the magisterial enquiry into the encounter. Experts opined that the political parties should not use this issue to create unnecessary tensions in the society for getting petty political gains. The disturbing fact is that those activists, who were killed in the encounter, were under-trials and not convicts. Meanwhile, we cannot purposefully forget the fact that these under-trials killed a security personal during their jail-break operation.




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