June 21, 2024

Hair loss increases in summer: Study Report


Hair loss is not a serious health problem. Normally, each person sheds a certain amount of hair each day. This loss of hair becomes a health issue when the loss crosses the limit which is considered to be normal.

In a study report, it has been stated that hair loss may increase in summer season compared to the winter season.

It is important to identify the abnormality in the loss of hair in the initial stage itself. There are many natural food materials which are capable to fight the hair loss in human beings.

Those who notice a sudden increase in the loss of hair must make sure that they include lentils, strawberries, oats, cabbage, cucumber and yogurt in their daily diet.

Noteworthy, the yogurt, which is heavily loaded with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D, can also be used as a weekly hair pack.

It is to be noted that hair loss can be the sign of some serious health disorders. Those, who experience any abnormality in the loss of hair, must approach an experienced doctor at the earliest.


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