July 17, 2024

Government Schemes: What is Nagar Van Scheme and what are its aims?

Nagar Van scheme was announced on the occasion of World Environment Day 2020. Under the Nagar Van Scheme, Urban forests will be developed in 200 cities in its first phase.

India is endowed with rich biodiversity having several species of animals and plants and hosts 4 of the 35 global bio-diversity hotspots containing several endemic species. However, increasing population, deforestation, urbanisation and industrialisation have put our natural resources under tremendous pressure causing loss of biodiversity.

The Nagar Van will either be constructed on the current forest land or another vacant land provided by the local bodies in cities across India. The scheme will also allow states to manage urban ecosystems.


A city forest with a municipal council will be created in each city with the goal of developing 200 city forests in the region.

To develop at least one city forest in each city having municipal corporation/ class cities for providing the wholesome healthy living environment, and contributing to the growth of smart, clean, green, sustainable and healthy cities.

Emphasizing the activities of tree plantation and soil moisture conservation as a central strategy for the conservation of biodiversity in the region.


CAMPA (Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority) will fund the Nagar Van scheme or the Urban Forests scheme. CAMPA is the Management and Planning Authority for Compensatory Afforestation Fund created by following orders from India’s apex court. 


The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has therefore, appropriately adopted Nagar van as the theme of World Environment Day celebrations 2020 to promote and conserve biodiversity in urban landscapes.

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