June 22, 2024
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Can alcohol drinking build immunity to fight Coronavirus? ?

As the Covid 19 positive cases are increasing day by day public are again facing the lockdown era. As the world is facing the worst scenario one of the news posted is going viral.

Dr Juergen Rissland, the head doctor at the Institute of Virology at Saarland University Hospital in Germany, the cynosure who has vehemently claimed that drinking whiskey can protect against COVID 19 infection.

A month before WHO reiterates that drinking alcohol could in no way prevent coronavirus infection. But this German virologist has said that if you are a alcohol lover then it is a good idea.

Minimal drinking without getting drunk with healthy food is beneficial & good for the general health & longevity.

Here are few alcohols that will keep you strong and bulid high immunity


Have antioxidants content called phenols

Good for blood circulation

Lowers the risk of high blood pressure and to maintain it


Kills all bad odour bacteria

Reduce stress and disinfect wound externally

Improves the health of the skin

Stimulates hair growth on the scalp

Tootache relief

Red Wine

Increasing one’s life span by generating longevity genes

Increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol


Helps to numb throat pain (mixed with warm water)

Stimulates weight loss

Inhibits and prevents diabetes and many types of cancer

Increases the level of good cholesterol and terminates blood clots

One of the healthiest drinks (moderate consumption)


Contains healthy antioxidants

Has anti ageing properties

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol

Treatment of bladder and ovarian cancer

Treatment of sore throats and cough


Functions as a blood thinner

Increase the level of good cholesterol

Guards against osteoporosis and common cold / flu viruses.


It contains hydroxy chloroquinine used for Covid 19 and Malaria treatment

Disclaimer: Excessive drinking of alcohol is injurious to health

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