April 16, 2024
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Lefties aim to regain power in Manipur: all about ideology conflict

It is an undoubted fact that lefties have been undergoing a tough time for last few decades. The trend has reflected in recent elections also, with some visible exceptions like the mesmerising victory of lefties in the Kerala assembly elections. As we move closer to the Manipur assembly elections, the lefties have many to win as well as loss. In a state where the legendary leftist leaders like Hijam Irabot, the founder member of CPI, was born, the communist parties deserve a powerful presence. Once, the CPI ruled the state as a collision partner of the congress government. At the end, it suffered a serious damage to its political image. When finally it decided to drop the collision, it was too late and the damage was already made. As a result of that, it was narrowed to such a position that it even struggled to find capable candidates for contesting in the assembly elections and it lost most of its eminent leaders to the centrist parties like the Congress Party. Learning from the mistakes that it has committed and aiming at regaining the lost pride, the CPI has organised a new communist front consolidating the leftist parties and other like-minded parties, named as the Left Democratic Front, to contest in the Manipur assembly elections. In the era in which the communist parties is becoming less prominent in the North East regions, which were once the strong and fertile ground of the leftist ideologies, the LDF is actually going to contest in a struggle which is likely to decide whether they have any future in that region or not. Nowadays, the Indian elections are not about political ideologies, political leaders, and eminent personalities, it is all about money and muscle power. Experts say that once the communist parties accept the realities of the Indian electoral politics, they may have to make many compromises, even with their ideologies. They add that the electoral adjustments with the National People’s Party in the state could be seen as such a step.


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