March 1, 2024
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“Begged Me… Said He’s A Family Man”: Air India Flyer On ‘Peeing’ Shocker

A document indicates that after an intoxicated passenger urinated on a female traveller in business class on an Air India aircraft last year, the crew forced her to face him as he begged to be spared arrest. When the perpetrator was brought before the woman and “began crying and profusely apologising,” she was “stunned.”
According to the FIR (First Information Report) submitted by Air India, Mumbai businessman Shankar Mishra asked the woman not to report him to the police, claiming that he was a family guy and did not want his wife and child to be impacted by the occurrence.

On November 27, the day following the event on the aircraft from New York to Delhi, the woman wrote to N Chandrasekharan, the chairman of the Air India company. However, Air India didn’t contact the police until January 4. As it deemed both parties had “resolved the situation,” the airline insisted that it did not contact the police.

On November 26, Shankar Mishra allegedly opened the woman’s bag while intoxicated and peed on her. Until another passenger begged him to go back to his seat, he stood there baring himself. Shankar Mishra, who has been eluding capture, has received an airport alert.

The woman’s letter to Air India, which is included in the FIR, described her “appalling experience.”When she protested to the crew about her seat, clothes, bag, and shoes being covered in urine, she claimed they “refused to touch them,” sprayed disinfectant on her bag and shoes, and offered her a pair of pyjamas and socks. Although another passenger claimed there were seats available, she was told there weren’t any when she requested a different seat.

“The flight crew told me that the pilot had vetoed giving me a seat in first class,” she said. On landing, the woman claims she immediately demanded Shankar Mishra’s arrest, but the crew instead informed her he wanted to apologise and brought him to her.

The airline also gave Shankar Mishra her phone number so he could pay for her shoes and dry cleaning, but when she called back, she said she did not want his money.

She claimed that on November 27, her son-in-law complained to Air India, and that day, the airline decided to refund the ticket. She said that the partial refund she had got was “barely sufficient compensation for my horrible experience,” nonetheless. Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Air India, has written to the personnel requesting that they immediately report any inappropriate behaviour on flights, “even if the situation appears to have been settled.”

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