May 29, 2024
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Delhi Car Horror Victim’s Friend Not Arrested, Called To Join Probe: Cops

The companion of the Kanjhawala case victim, who was riding pillion on her scooter at the time of the accident, was reportedly arrested today, but the Delhi Police refuted this and claimed the woman has been invited to join the probe.
Anjali Singh, 20, was killed in the early hours of the New Year when a car hit her scooter and dragged her 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala. She had been travelling on a scooter. After the mishap, her buddy Nidhi stumbled to the side and left the area because she was “frightened.”

The cops were able to locate Nidhi after looking through CCTV footage. On Tuesday, she gave a police statement that was taped.

Harendra Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer), said, “According to rumours, Nidhi was taken into custody by the police. She has been invited to join the investigation, it is hereby clarified.” The police had earlier reported that they had detained a second suspect in the case. Ashutosh has been named as the suspect and is the sixth person to be detained in this investigation.

Deepak Khanna (26), Amit Khanna (25), Krishan (27), Mithun (26) and Manoj Mittal, five of the earlier detained suspects, allegedly borrowed the vehicle from Ashutosh under which Anjali Singh was dragged.After reviewing call detail records and CCTV footage, the police narrowed their search to two individuals, one of them was Ashutosh. Officials claimed that he and Ankush Khanna were responsible for protecting the accused.

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