July 13, 2024
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Google Says “Major Setback For Indian Consumers” After Rs 1,338 Crore Fine

Google stated on Friday that the country’s customers and companies had suffered a “significant setback” as a result of the antitrust watchdog in India’s decision to fine it Rs 1,338 crore, or around $162 million, for anti-competitive conduct.

According to a statement made on Thursday by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Google used its hegemonic status in areas like online search and the Android app store to defend the positions of its programmes like Chrome and YouTube in mobile web browsers and online video hosting.

Along with the fine, the CCI compelled Google to modify the way it approaches the Android platform and barred it from entering into some revenue-sharing agreements with smartphone manufacturers.

A Google representative stated on Friday that “Android has generated more choice for everyone and helps thousands of successful businesses in India and around the world.”

The CCI’s ruling “raises the cost of mobile devices for Indians and represents a big setback for Indian consumers and enterprises, presenting serious security risks for Indians who trust Android’s security measures.”

Google said it will study the choice and determine its course of action.

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