March 3, 2024
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Get Rid of Heel Spurs With These Amazing Home Remedies

Heel spurs are one of the major cosmetic problems that plague most people. The most common causes of cracked feet are unfitted shoes, prolonged standing, dry skin, lack of proper care and hygiene, and obesity. Here are some easily available home remedies to solve this problem.

Cooking Bananas

The nutrients A, B, B6, and C contained in cooking bananas help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and keeping the skin hydrated. Banana is a natural moisturizer that moisturizes the feet and prevents dry skin.

Peel a banana, grate it and squeeze the juice. Apply this paste all over the feet, including the sides of the toes and nails. After 20 minutes, rinse with cold water. Repeat this for at least 2 weeks for best results.


Honey is considered a natural antiseptic that helps to heal cracked feet. Moisturizes the skin and prevents dry skin.

Add a cup of honey to a bowl of warm water. Dip one foot into warm paraffin for 20 minutes, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Then wipe your feet and apply moisturizer. Do this regularly before going to bed for a few weeks.

Vegetable Oil

Cooking oils are quickly absorbed into the skin. Vegetable oils are rich in vitamins A, D, and E. All of these rejuvenate the skin and create new cells to heal cracked feet.

After cleaning the feet thoroughly, apply vegetable oil on the soles of the feet and toes. Then wear clean comfortable socks and leave them on overnight. Repeating this daily before going to bed is effective in healing cracked feet.

Petroleum Jelly, Lemon Juice

The acidity properties of lemon, when combined with the moisturizing properties of petroleum jelly, make it easier to heal dry skin and cracked feet.

Take lukewarm water in a bowl and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Afterward, clean the feet thoroughly. Combine a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture well on the soles of the feet and other parts of the feet and wear socks overnight. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Repeat this regularly before going to bed for the best results.

Rice Powder, Honey, Vinegar

Rice powder is a natural exfoliate that helps to remove dead cells. It helps to remove dead cells and nourish the skin. Honey is a natural antiseptic that heals cracked feet. Vinegar also moisturizes dry and dull skin, making it easier to remove dead skin cells.

In a bowl, combine rice powder, honey, and vinegar to form a thick paste. Dip one foot into warm running water for 10 minutes, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Then gently scrub this mixture on the skin. Repeat this process two or three times a week.

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