April 20, 2024
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General Election schedules announced in India

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Finally, everything is set. The Election Commission of India has announced the dates of the country’s general election and result declaration, paving way for the introduction of code of conduct and the commencement of fierce campaign sessions.

The general election will be conducted in around seven phases. The first phase will be on April 11 and the last phase (that is, the seventh phase) will be on May 19. The counting session will be conducted on May 23. The results will be declared on that day itself.

It will be in the third phase that the southernmost state of Kerala will come to polling stations. Unlike, many other similar states, the elections for the entire seats of the state will be conducted in that phase itself. The third phase is scheduled to happen on April 23.

The nation is expected to witness a tight fight this time. While the ruling is expected to focus on the national issues, the opposition is likely to focus on local issues.

Unlike before, in this election, the regional parties are expected to play a vital role in many crucial states, especially Uttar Pradesh (BSP and SP), Bihar (RJD), West Bengal (TMC), Andhra Pradesh (TDP), Odisha (BJD), and Tamil Nadu (DMK).  

Most survey reports predict that the BJP is no longer the indestructible party it was a few months before. Interestingly, no survey completely dismisses the potential of the BJP to retain the seat of power.  


Vignesh. S. G

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