June 21, 2024
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Kangana Ranaut Twitter Ban Ends, She Posts “Film Industry Is So Crude”

Actress Kangana Ranaut posted a tirade against the film industry hours after her Twitter account was restored. Ms. Ranaut described it as “crude” and “crass” that the movie business shoves dollar signs in your face to ensure project success.”Film industry is so crass and crude that whenever they want to project success of any endeavour/creation/art they throw flashing currency digits in your face, as if art has no other purpose. it exposes their lowly standards and the kind of deprived lives they live,” she said in a tweet.

“So even if artists indulge in polluting the very fibre of art and culture in the nation they must do it discreetly not shamelessly,” she added.

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter from former CEO Jack Dorsey, Ms. Ranaut has joined a select group of individuals whose blocked accounts the social media platform has reinstated.

In November of last year, Twitter reactivated the infamous account of former US President Donald Trump. Early in 2021, the microblogging platform disabled his account because of his participation in a coup attempt against the US Capitol by his supporters.

In May 2021, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was shut off for “multiple violations” of the site’s guidelines against abusive and discriminatory behaviour. She posted content that was provocative and connected to the unrest in Bengal following the election, which led to her suspension.

Ms. Ranaut is a multiple National Film Award winner and well-known for her fervent support of Prime Minister Modi.

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