October 20, 2021
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US Secretary of State to visit India this month


In order to strengthen the relationship between the United States and India, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to visit Delhi later this month.

This reports about the visit gain more significance than usual as the reports emphasise that the top official is likely to visit Pakistan on this visit.

This practice of clubbing the visits is something the Indians hate the most, given the special kind of relationship that both the neighbouring countries- India and Pakistan- share.

More details regarding the crucial visit have not yet publicised by the authorities. India and Pakistan officials have not yet made any comments on the report regarding the visit.

Mr. Tillerson is the fourth top official who visits the country since the induction of new US supremo Donald Trump.

Earlier, the US National Security Advisor, H R McMaster, reached India in April, US’ South and Central Asian Chief Alice Wells, in July, and US Defence Secretary James Mattis in last September.

The Indo-US relation has hit its lowest point when the US has been taken over by the Republican leader who has no interest in the global affairs.

Once up on a time, India was the prime partner of US in the Asian region. The Indo-US relation was at its peak when the US was led by Barak Obama.


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