June 24, 2024
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DMDK joins hands with AIADMK

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Strengthening the political faction led by the AIADMK, increasing the prospects of an astounding victory in the general election to that faction, the DMDK, which was once regarding as the prime rival of the AIADMK after the DMK, has joined their hands with the ruling party of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The agreement has been reached after several weeks of roller-coaster negotiations between the leaders of both parties.

The DMDK has been offered more than four seats in the general election, which is scheduled to take place in the months of April and May.

In return, the DMDK has assured its support in the AIADMK faction in the upcoming elections, including the upcoming crucial by-elections.

Though the DMDK and AIADMK have repeatedly said that they have not placed any preconditions before each other, it has been revealed that the DMDK has wanted it to be treated equal to the PMK, which recently joined the faction and wristed the right to contest from at least seven seats in the general election with the support of the faction, but the AIADMK since the beginning has been not supportive to the idea of letting the DMDK to gain equal status that of the PMK, not because of its closeness to the PMK than the DMDK but because of its unwillingness to lose more seats to the recently joined partners.

The BJP is the one that plays behind the present developments around the AIADMK, observes a political observer. A faction consists of the BJP, AIADMK, DMDK and the PMK is naturally regarded far more powerful that any others in the state. It sounds good from the point of view of a national party. But, it is surely not good news for a regional party, which has been consistently increasing its strength in the state for last few decades. The big crisis before the AIADMK is to convince its own MPs that the inclusion of new partners and the sacrifice of their seats are inevitable.

In the previous election, the AIADMK won at least 37 seats of the total 39 seats in the state. The state’s major opposition DMK failed to win at least one seat in that election. In that election, the BJP and PMK managed to wrist one seat each.

As per this status, as many as two dozen sitting MPs will have to be convinced to sacrifice their seats for the sake of the sustainability of the deals released by the party’s unstable leadership with its new partners.   


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