February 4, 2023

Gabon: The most prosperous country in Sub-Saharan Africa

Unique TimesLambarene is the most famous historic town in the country. It is popular for its connection with famed tropical disease specialist Doctor Albert Schweitzer. In his name, there is a health museum in this town. It attracts a considerable number of tourists to this town every year. Evara Lake is what that gives an additional beauty to this town. It is unwise to miss the chance to visit this beauty.

Franceville is one of the most developed towns in the country. It is where the burial site of late supremo Omar Bongo is situated. Bongo’s Statue, Saint Hilaire’s Church, and Poubara Waterfalls are the popular tourist destinations in this town. The Franceville market is also worth visiting.

Port Gentil is where travellers go to experience the night life of Gabon. Its casinos and night clubs are even popular in the west. Travellers from across the world come in large numbers every year to experience this. This town of entertainment is not all about nightlife. It offers the opportunity to experience all kinds of water sports possible in this part of the world. River Ogooue and St Louis Church (one of the oldest churches in the country) are other major attractions in this town.

Lope-Okanda Reserve is where travellers go to get a glimpse of the natural and wildlife wealth of Gabon. Every traveller who has visited this natural reserve at least once admits that if there is a heaven in the world it is here in this wildness. The reserve is a home to numerous animals and birds.

Gabon is not only famous for its captivating destinations, but also for its art, culture, architecture and cuisine. The contribution of its colonial past is evident in all these four, apart from the influence of the local factors. The country’s cuisine is the fine bend of the French cuisine and local African cuisine. That exceptional blending is seen in the country’s art, culture, architecture and, even, in its language also.


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