December 10, 2023
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Belarus: The Last Dictatorship of The Europe

If a society is not a democratic society, it is not a just society. The continent of the Europe is considered as the apostle of democracy. It respects democracy more than any other continent in the world. Its affection towards the idea is linked to its respect f0r liberal values.

Only few decades have passed since the continent embraced the values. It has successfully defeated all the challenges, which have threated the existence of the values over the years.

Nonetheless, not all of them have been effectively eliminated. Some have remained strong despite the hard work put forth to make the continent free from the challenges.
Belarus is the perfect example of that. Since the latest election which reaffirmed the claim of Alexander Lukashenko – who has been ruling the country since 1994 – to the post of President, the country has witnessed a series of protests.

The protests have been conducted under the leadership of pro-democratic activists. The activists have vowed to bring the president down from the post. They have questioned the credibility of the election framework.
Meanwhile, Mr. Lukashenko has dismissed all those allegations that have been levelled against him by the protesters as baseless. He has decried the protests, saying that the protests have been organised at the best of certain foreign elements.

The leadership of Belarus has the backing of Russia – on which the country is heavily relied to meet its needs, especially its energy needs.

Sadly, the emboldened Belarus leadership has allowed its forces to use any method to eliminate the protests demanding the resignation of the president.

A renowned human rights organisation, Amnesty International, has called for an immediate intervention of international organisations such as the United Nations, to prevent the misuse of the powers bestowed by the leadership of Belarus by its people.
It has released several evidences, including videos and photos, to justify its call for the intervention of the UN.

As per a statement released by the renowned human rights organisation, the Belarus police have used violence against the protesters. According to the organisation, it has even tortured physically and mentally those protesters who have been arrested in connection with the protests.

Notably, the torture has failed to provide the desired result to the Belarus leadership. It has only provided an additional impetus to the ongoing unrest. It has also proved the defence, taken by the Belarus leadership, deplorable.

Belarus is at present in a crucial juncture. It is just a few steps away from the door of genuine liberation.

The country is not new to revolution. It has passed through several kinds of revolutions over the years. What it experiences now is crucial in many ways.

Belarus was a part of the Soviet Union. Its authoritarian character has a clear link to its Soviet connection.

Though it severed its ties with the USSR when it disintegrated fully in the early 1990s, it still retains the basic character that was gifted to the country by its former partner, Soviet Russia.

Mr. Lukashenko, who has been ruling the country since it severed its ties with the USSR, does his best to make sure that its ties to Russia remains intact despite the disintegration of the socialist union. He still follows certain Soviet-era policies.

The country’s economic policies clearly show how much attached the country’s leadership is to its soviet past. It is one of the very few countries in Europe which advocates the state-ownership of crucial industries.

Needless to say, the Belarus economy is one of the weakest economies in the continent of Europe. The backbone of the country’s economy is its manufacturing sector and service sector. Notably, it depends heavily on Russia. Moreover, it owes hugely to China.
What makes the future of this economy dim is its damaged relationship with its neighbours. Belarus, which is a landlocked country, shares its borders with Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Though its neighbours share a cordial relationship with the European Union, it remains as an opposer of the union.

Many Europe-based journalists have named the country, as the last dictatorship of the Europe.

Undisputedly, what is before this country at this juncture is a bright future. This country holds enormous potential.

Once a responsible leadership gets hold of the helm of the country, it will start exploring its potential in the right way.

Like most European countries, it has a capacity to make its tourism sector one of the main sectors of its economy – which is currently trapped in the tug-of-war between socialists and liberalists in the Europe.
Belarus is a truly blessed country in terms of its natural beauty. It has amazing lakes, wonderful rivers, mesmerising mountains and several other natural gifts. Minsk, Brest, Polotsk, Grodno and Gomel are the main tourist attractions in this part of the world.

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. It is known for its gardens and parks. Independence Square, which is one of the largest public squares in the Europe, is the main attraction in this part of the country. Independence Avenue is another popular attraction in the city. As Minsk is the capital city, it is home to several important government buildings and offices. It is also one of the most popular cities in the country. National History Museum and National Art Museum, situated in this part of the country, offer a clear glimpse of the rich cultural as well as political history of the country. Like most other capital cities in the continent, this city is also home to several clubs, shopping malls and other similar entertainment and fun outlets.

Brest is a city situated in the southwest region of Belarus. Brest Hero Fortress, which tells the story of Soviet resistance during the World War Two, is the most popular destination in the city. Apart from the fortress, Railway Museum, which displays historic locomotives, and Berestye Archaeological Museum, which depicts a 13-century Slavic village, are other popular tourist destinations.

Polotsk is one of the oldest cities in this part of the world. It is known since the year 862. The city is popular for its rich culture and heritage. There are several museums in this city. The medieval-era Cathedral of Saint Sophia is a popular attraction in this city.


Grodno is a city located in the western part of the country. It is a city of castles. The Old Castle, which is a Renaissance palace, and the New Castle, which is a castle built in the eighteenth century as a royal residence, are the two famous castles located in this part of the country. The twelfth century Kalozha Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb is another popular attraction in this city. The St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is another popular cathedral in the country, in which Eastern Orthodoxy is a very powerful religious congregation.


Gomel is a city located in the southeast region of Belarus. This city is also known for its exceptional museums. The Gomel Palace, which is an eighteenth century palace, and the Gomel Regional Museum of Military Glory are the two important museums in the city. The Cathedral of St. Peter and St, Paul and Park Ensemble are other popular tourist attractions in this part of the country.
Don’t miss a chance to explore this country!

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