November 30, 2023

Gabon: The most prosperous country in Sub-Saharan Africa



What comes first to your mind when you think about Africa? Naturally, poverty, civil wars, ethnic conflicts and diseases come first. If this is the way you think, you know nothing about this beautiful continent. In reality, Africa is not that bad. It is one of the most gifted regions in the world. Its climate, natural beauty, animals, birds, culture, cuisines, architecture, art and even its human beings are special. If you want to enjoy its true beauty, you need to open your heart, along with your eyes. Once it is seen with your heart, all of your misconceptions about this land slowly vanish.

Our journey through Africa has brought us to Gabon this week. Not many have heard about this land prior to this introduction.

Gabon, or the Gabonese Republic, is a small country situated in the western coast of Central Africa. Its population is less than 2 million. Its total area is 270,000 square kilometres. The country is still under the indirect influence of France, on which it depends heavily for its security needs.

Until the year 1960, the country was under the direct control of its colonial masters. On the aforesaid year, it entered into the path of self rule. Unfortunately, the independence brought noting significant in the ground.

A major boost in the economy, along with its social and political life, was achieved, when the lucrative natural resource of oil was discovered in the region. It was the day the country recognised its potential.



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