March 31, 2023
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Natural tips to improve hair health – Dr. Elizabath Chacko, MD-Kalpana International


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Hair fall is a serious problem that hunts most beauty conscious ones. All age groups are equally vulnerable to this condition. Though it is difficult to find a permanent solution to this issue, there are many simple ways available to reduce the impact of this condition. To effectively control this, it is important to accept that hair fall is a natural process. It is not necessary to use heavy chemicals to fight hair fall. It is pertinent to be aware that the use of heavy chemicals may lead to other serious health issues. Experts recommend the use of natural remedies over chemicals to deal with the issue.

In this edition, some simple natural tips are presented to help fight the worrisome heath condition of hair fall.

Aloe Vera

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This is the most recommended Ayurvedic medicine to reduce hair fall. Apart from conditioning scalp and hair, Aloe Vera reduces dandruff. Apply Aloe Vera gel at least three times in a week. Hair conditioners which are made up of this product are widely available in the market.

Coconut Oil

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It is the widely used natural product for healthy hair. Keralities are very fond of this oil. They use this oil for almost anything and everything. It is not that fondness that encourages them to use the oil on their hair. There are several studies available to support the argument that Coconut oil is capable to reduce hair fall. Apply Coconut oil every day. It can either be used minutes before the hair is washed or minutes after the washed hair is completely dried.


The regular conception of fish considerably reduces the issue of hair fall. Fish contains an amazing component called Omega fatty acid, which is very useful for the overall health of hair. For healthy hair, include fish in daily diet.


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Many experts say that onion is a very effective natural medicine to reduce the threat of hair fall. It is not clear how it works, but it is clear that it somehow fights the condition. Apply Onion juice at least once in a week. It is advised to apply it directly on the scalp of head for better result. The problem with this method is that many find it difficult to tolerate the smell of onion.


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A new study reveals that lemon oil reduces hair fall. Lemon is the source of numerous vitamins and minerals, capable to address many health issues of human body, including the issue of hair fall. Apply lemon oil at least three to four times in a week.

Hair health depends on several factors. How healthy your hair has a relation with how sincere you are in the task of maintaining your hair. In the task, consistency is an important factor. Don’t expect the methods suggested above will work overnight. Most of the aforementioned may take years to show result. If you want an immediate result, better go for chemical methods. Only if you want a permanent result, go for the natural ones mentioned above.

To understand a hair problem, it is vital to recognise its root cause. Sometimes, the cause may be simple. Other times, it may be complex. Not all causes are to be addressed similarly. If you feel that you hair fall problem is not a natural one and is an unusual one, hesitate not to approach a doctor at the earliest.


Health is Wealth!!! Stay Healthy!!!




Dr. Elizabath Chacko, MD-Kalpana International



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