July 13, 2024

Range Rover Sport – Vivek Venugopal

Unique Times

There is something about the Range Rover Sport that it looks just right. It isn’t too compact and chic like the Evoque or too big and stately as the full size Range Rover. The glass area to body ratio is better than the swanky Velar which looks like it has a very high waistline because of the small sloping silhouette. The proportions are spot on. Ever since this second generation Sport came out, it has been my favourite in the entire Range Rover range and it still is, despite the slightly stiff ride and tight rear seat. There was a face lift in 2018 and it’s been some time since I have been behind the wheel of a Sport. So, while I was in Mumbai, I rang up the good folks at JLR to see if I could borrow one for a few days. And, what better way to enjoy the city views than from the lofty driver seat of a Range Rover.

Unique Times

The face lift isn’t very radical but it brings it in line with the rest of the range. The elliptical and curved LED signature makes for sharper more chiseled look. There is a new grille, new bumpers front and rear and new tail lamps. And, aren’t those optional Style 5085, 5-split spoke, and 21 inch wheels in Diamond Turned finish just delicious? They look the right size for the Range Rover Sport and give it a thoroughly modern and elegant look.

The bigger changes are inside where you now get the new dual touch screen infotainment system that first came out in the Velar. The upper screen tilts electrically to avoid glare while the lower screen uses physical knobs and their functionality change depending on what is on the screen. For instance, the knob that controls the AC temp setting can be used to toggle between the terrain response options when that menu is chosen. Same goes for the steering mounted controls which take some getting used to. The gauges are digital, the switch gear all around the cabin has been improved and there is more tech everywhere. The rear seat isn’t the most spacious around, but you would still be comfortable here. The front seats are very well cushioned and offer great visibility all around. With the suspension raised, the commanding position is up there with the Mumbai bus drivers. You can see over most cars and that gives so much confidence in the city.



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