September 25, 2023

Gabon: The most prosperous country in Sub-Saharan Africa

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That discovery has gifted a kind of financial autonomy to Gabon. It has invested heavily in its economic and health sectors. Not many years have been taken by this country to become the leader of Africa’s education and health sector. Now, most African countries admire this country for that.

The literacy rate of Gabon is 83.2 per cent. It is one of the very few African countries where the law for compulsory primary education is in place. Gabon’s education sector is governed by two ministers: one takes care of its school education section; and another its higher education. It shows how much seriousness the country gives to the sector of education.

Meanwhile, when it is looked through the prism of health, Gabon is the country with developed health infrastructure, less infant mortality rate, high life expectancy, better health service accessibility and proper preventive policies. Gabonese people’s confidence in their health structure is that much that no disease outbreaks bother them.


Unfortunately, what that has helped the country to gain this much is slowly disappearing. It is evaluated that by the year 2025 its oil reserves will drain out completely. At present, the majority of its economic activities are linked to its oil reserves. It constitutes at least 46 per cent of its budget, over 43 per cent of its GDP and, importantly, as much as 81 per cent of its export. Most of the country’s financial experts are in the herculean task of finding a replacement to oil. It is where the opportunity of tourism comes to relevance. Many believe the sector which has done magic in several countries across the world would bring magic to Gabon also. Observers say that Gabon has everything to emerge as an attractive tourist destination. As per their observation, its biggest advantage is its commitment to the maintenance of peace and stability. What its lack is the privilege of infrastructure, according to them. If a major achievement is expected from the sector of tourism, Gabon will have to consider their plans for infrastructural development more seriously.

Libreville, Lambarene, Franceville, Port Gentil and Lope-Okanda Reserve are the prime attractions of this country. It is important to note here that the country’s tourism infrastructure is not that developed at this moment. That limitation is what that prevents the entrance of many potential tourist destinations into this list of attractions. Once the issue of infrastructure is addressed, at least a dozen more potential destinations will find place in this list.

Libreville is the capital city of Gabon. It is where the majority of the official buildings are situated. The Cathedral of St Michael, National Museum and the Presidential Palace are the prime attractions here. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the country. There is no better shopping destination in this part of the world other than this.



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