June 14, 2024

France’s new harassment law proved effective

In France, as many as 447 people have been punished with a new harassment law, aimed to contain the issue of sexual harassment in streets.

A government representative has informed the parliament that the law was very effective and its effectiveness was what the numbers showed.

A shocking study report publicised by a Paris-based think tank last year found that one in eight women in France had been raped at least once in their lives.

The same report also revealed that around 43 per cent of the total women in France had been touched in an improper way, specifically in a sexual manner, without their consent at least once in their lives.

The new law empowers the law enforcement authorities in France to impose huge fines on perpetrators of sexual harassment in streets on the spot.

During the last International Women’s Day celebration, a young woman tried to express the fear every woman faces each day due to this issue, posing to the media persons holding a placard, which reads “I want you to feel the fear I feel every day”. The picture of the woman went viral in the social media platforms then, triggering a serious debate on the subject.

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