July 13, 2024
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Four accused arrested for black mailing South Indian actress Shamna Kasim

On Wednesday morning , cine actress Shamna Kasim’s mom Rowla filed a complaint against six individuals at Maradu Police Station.

A police official says, “The prime accuseea Rafeeq was in a good terms with the actress through telephone and communicated his desire to wed her and showed the photo of someone else. On June 3, other accused of the case, went to Maradu in the pretense of an engagement proposition, took the video of their home and car. Subsequently, the prime accused began coercing her, requesting that he would ‘ruin her career’ except if she pays Rs 1 lakh”.

The official included, “Rafeeq, Sharath, Ashraf and Ramesh have been arrested. The examination is on,” he included.

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