June 19, 2024
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During coronavirus pandemic Bhumi Pednekar donates footwear to migrant labourers

During the outbreak of coronavirus, actress Bhumi Pednekar made headlines when she announced her decision to make a monetary contribution towards various relief efforts. In an added bid to reached out and help migrant labourers, the beauty has helped distribute footwear among the needy.


The actress teamed up with volunteer groups around areas of Ghaziabad in Murad Nagar, Govindpuram and Vijay Nagar to help reach out to over 1000 labourers and distribute pairs of footwear.

Bhumi pledge to contribute supplies, food, essentials and other such materials to the needy during the lockdown. The actress also used her social media handles to request her fans to also reach out in any way they can to help the “vulnerable” in distress during this fight against Coronavirus

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