February 9, 2023
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Aftab ‘Used To See Shraddha’s Face’ After Keeping Head In Fridge

The Delhi Police is currently looking into whether suspect Aftab Ameen Poonawala rented a flat in Chhatarpur, Delhi, as part of a plot to kill Shraddha Walkar. As the Delhi Police closed the six-month-old murder investigation, Aftab was nabbed for killing his girlfriend Shraddha, slicing up her body into 35 pieces, and disposing of them.

Aftab was identified by the authorities as a food blogger who had previously worked at a call centre in the city. They claimed that the pair frequently argued. According to police officials speaking to news agency ANI, the culprit and the victim, who met on a dating website, have been together since 2019 and moved to Delhi this year. They were in Maharashtra before this.

According to investigators, they frequently travelled together and visited hill locations between March and April. They visited Himachal Pradesh in May and met a man who resided in Chhatarpur, a neighbourhood of Delhi. They had first resided at the man’s flat after relocating to Delhi, according to sources.

Later, Aftab and Shraddha moved into a flat they had rented in Chhatarpur. On May 18, she reportedly died after being strangled in the Chhatarpur apartment. The apartment was only rented out a few days before to the murder, the police discovered.

According to police sources, “it is also a question of investigation” whether Aftab had already planned a murderous plot against her.

The accused, who allegedly chopped the victim’s body into 35 pieces, told the police he used to go out at 2 am to dispose them.

“Aftab’s social media handles reveal he had done food blogging for some time, but he didn’t make any video for a long time. His last post came in February, after which there was no activity on his profile. He has more than 28,000 followers on his Instagram,” sources said.

According to investigators, Shraddha and Aftab had both worked at the same contact centre.

“It is discovered that after the murder, Aftab used to come home by 6-7 pm and then collect the pieces of the dead body kept in the refrigerator for disposal,” the sources said. He used to pack the body pieces in a black foil but discard them without the foil in the forest to avoid suspicion.

After the victim’s father filed a complaint, Aftab was taken into custody. Police stated that Aftab wiped the blood spots from the floor with some chemicals and disposed of the stained garments after conducting a Google search. He has been placed on police remand for five days, according to police.

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