July 3, 2020
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Equal opportunity means equal responsibility, Army chief reminds women combat aspirants

For those people who wonder that why can’t we induct women in the frontline combat roles just like men, the Army Chief General of our country, Bipin Rawat, says that equal opportunity means equal responsibility. While speaking at the annual press conference, he reminds the women combat aspirants that it is not possible to provide special facilities for women who are willing to work in the frontline combat positions. Leaving the decision-making power into the hands of the women soldiers who are courageous enough to take up the decision on are they capable enough to enter serious combat roles, he asserts that it is up to women soldiers to decide if they are ready to enter the frontline combat positions without demanding extra facilities and considerations. It is learned that presently there are women soldiers who are serving in the combat roles but in less complicated areas. Interestingly, he pointed out that there are no proper toilets or other facilities provided for those soldiers in the frontline combat roles, and the soldiers who move with tanks normally cook near the tank and sleep under it. Notably, for last few years the gender activists have been demanding equal opportunity and serious roles for women in the army and other forces of our country, which have a rich heritage of gender equality. Experts say that the new army chief, it seems, is indirectly encouraging and prompting the women soldiers to take up the challenge by pointing out each and every difficulty in detail.


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