May 27, 2022

Egg helps to enrich body with protein


Egg is a common food item seen in Indian cuisine. Indians, mostly South Indians, love to eat eggs. Normally, people consume eggs come from hen the most. Nonetheless, eggs come from goose and duck are also good for conception, though it is not widely consumed.

Egg is one of the cheapest protein rich food items. For this reason, it is extremely good for growing children.

Indians know many methods to turn eggs into delicious dishes. Often, egg is added to many homely dishes either to boost its nutritious value or to increase its taste- or for both.

Apart from proteins, egg is the rich source of several vitamins, such as vitamin D, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and minerals, including zinc, copper and iron.

Egg helps to improve growth process in children. It is good for brain development. It helps to improves eye sight; maintain born strength; prevent certain kinds of cancers, such as breast cancer; overcome anaemia; enhance metabolism; enrich body with good cholesterol; and lower bad cholesterol.

Include this amazing food item in daily diet. Boiled egg is very tasty. Those regularly go to gymnasiums for well-shaped body generally consume egg white as their natural protein supplement.    

Stay Healthy!        


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