August 15, 2022

Eating fish is good for heart health: Study


India has vast coastlines. In fact, India is a blessed land. Our country is surrounded by sea, except the top. This advantage protests our country from external aggression to an extent, and helps to strength our trade links with others without much uneasiness.

While mentioning the advantages of the sea surrounding our country, we often forget to mention fish it provides.

Fish is one of the dearest food products of Indians, especially those living near sea –in fact, the preponderance of the Indians are living near sea.

Some say Indians are neither vegetarians nor non-vegetarians, but they are in fact ‘Fisheatarians’. Actually, it is true in a sense.

Are we aware of the nutritious benefits of this delicious food product? Fish is a rich source of several nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. As per a health report, OMEGA-3s is the most useful nutrient found in this food product.

Experts assert that this nutrient helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Apart from heart health, this product’s nutrients help to develop brain, boost growth, and repair blood vessels –to say a few.

Try to include fish in daily diet. Stay Healthy!


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