March 20, 2023
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Union HM expresses confidence to face ‘Non-Confidence Motion’


The opposition lawmakers, mainly those belonging to the regional parties such as TDP, DMK and ADIMK, have forced the authorised to adjourn both houses of the parliament for a day.

The pandemonium has first inflicted the Upper House and later reached the Lower House, forcing the heads of both houses to cancel the parliamentary proceedings.

The TDP parliamentarians have been protesting against the central government’s reluctance to grand special status to the state since the beginning of this season of the parliament sessions.

Today, the Tamil Nadu MPs have also joined them in the protest with another demand, ‘the Cauvery Water Issue’.

The developments indicate that some efforts are being consciously made to trigger the regionalist sentiment in the Southern States, especially in the states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh which in fact are more likely to decide the outcome of the next parliament election.

The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, showcasing his party’s confidence to confront any kind of political wars triggered against the saffron regime aiming to enfeeble or weaken its political strength and presence in the country, has asserted that his party is ready to discuss the non-confidence motion placed by some members.

Will the present political developments help the regionalist parties to erect a wall against the, so called, Hindu fundamentalist, like the one which was created earlier in the form of Dravidian Nationalism?


Vignesh. S. G

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