December 2, 2022

Ginger water improves digestion


Ginger is commonly seen across the country. It is one of the things which are widely cultivated by the Indian farmers. It is seen in every Indian kitchen.

Are we aware of its benefits? Actually, many of us are not.

Ginger is a rich source of several nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. As per a new research, ginger has the capability to improve the digestion process of human body.

It is easy to prepare ginger drink. Take a table spoon of grated ginger and mix it well with fairly warm water. Let it cool in room temperature.

It is advised to have this drink after eating a heavy diet. Anyway, it is not advised to use it regularly as it may cause irritation to those who have a specific type of body as per the ayurveda.

Overall, it is a perfect drink. Apart from digestion, it aids in heart heath, weight loss and hydration as well.

Stay Healthy!


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