December 10, 2023
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Saffron triumph continues: three gains, two small losses


By the time we make this article, the saffron party, BJP, has made concrete gains in the three out of five constituencies on which the assembly elections took palace. As per the latest election updates, in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur the saffron party has made some unexpected gains even if it has suffered some minute setbacks in Goa and Punjab. In Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, both formally ruled by SP and Congress respectively, are likely to fall under the BJP governments and to get the saffron CMs. Meanwhile, in Manipur, the BJP members are giving tough time to the congress, which is the ruling party of the state, by demonstrating a tough battle in each and every constituency. The congress party is not likely to uphold their legacy in this state this time. It is an interesting fact that except in UP, the battle has been between the grand old party and the saffron party. There is no sign of any other parties, particularly the youngest party, AAP, which projected itself as an alternative to the national parties in some states like Punjab and Goa. However, Punjab has given much-needed impetus to the congress party. In this state, the congress regime has shattered the ruling SDA-BJP regime, which ruled the state for the two consecutive terms. The loss in this state can be attributed to the anti-incumbency factor. In fact, this factor has affected the results of Manipur and Uttarakhand as well. Anyway, just like the former elections, the cast and religion have played an important role. It is a noteworthy fact that the demonetisation, nationalism, intolerance, economic issues, growth issues, foreign policy, internal security, human rights and much more had not been highlighted or discussed during the election campaign.


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