January 21, 2022
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Longer threads: Tips to grow your hair

A beautiful hairstyle decorates women as well as men’s facial beauty. There are limitations in terms of hair growth bringing in both genetic and climatic factors to it.There is no magical way in which you could lengthen your short threads but it could be in your control to an extent. Here are some methods in which you could grow your hair and avoid hair loss.


Scalp massage 


With your neat and tidy hands, massage your dry scalp or ask your friend to do the same for you. This is a relaxation process and will stimulate blood flow to your scalp. Soaked with nutrients to nourish your head, the blood flow helps in better hair growth by entering the hair follicles. This is also an opportunity to sit back and relax, as it soothes your head. Two strikes with one blow.


Use shower power


When you take a shower, brush your hair back and ensure that the clean flows through your scalp. Don’t leave out any regions and wash all the dust and dirt away. The presence of dirt and other factors will be an obstacle to the hair growing process, so wash it all away. Use hair conditioning shampoo every once or twice a week to handle cleaning process effectively. Don’t use an excess of shampoo as it will break the hair strands.


Avoid heat 


This is impossible for you if you are a professional and has to iron your hair for public appearances. Try to limit the number of times you use the heating instruments. It affects the hair follicles and stimulates hair loss. Cover your hair when you go outside with your shawl or handkerchief, especially if it is very sunny. This process is also recommended for men, who haveto travel under scorching heat. Wear a cap or hat with white lining when you go out.



Cold water treatment


When you have to work under the sun and if your feel all heated up, just go home and wash your head under cold water. It cools the scalp and any factor that inducing heat.


Eat lots of vitamin-rich food and drink plenty of water. Hair follicles require Vitamin B and C for better growth. Keep drinking water occasionally as it will help in blood flow. These methods will play a mild role as the band that puts hair growth in your control.


Elizabath Chacko

MD – Kalpana’s International






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