July 23, 2024
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Dubai Hotel Ablaze On New Year’s Eve

Lovin Dubai ø@lovindubai  29m29 minutes ago The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai has just erupted in flames! http://lovindubai.com/dubai/the-address-hotel-in-downtown-dubai-has-just-erupted-in-flames Ö  Muhammad Lila ø@MuhammadLila  2m2 minutes ago Dubai officials say fire broke out on 20th floor of The Adress, originated from outside the hotel.

Massive fire broke out in the luxury Address Downtown hotel moments before the fireworks display in world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The fire lit up on 20th floor of the skyscraper and it shot upwards, burning everything on it’s way with the debris falling down, scattering people in the nearby Dubai mall. The fire did not penetrate the structure directly, it was feeding off outside the 63 storey building. People were evacuated from the building, by the hotel staff and fire crew members, to the mall and 16 people suffered from minor injuries.

In spite of the inferno in the nearby building, the colourful fireworks filled the midnight sky moments later, as per the schedule, with the audience cheering and going ecstatic. Spectators gathered around the building to watch the fireworks display on Burj Khalifa, welcoming the New Year. Downtown Dubai is one of the foremost center for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. Dubai broke the world record for the largest display of fireworks last year, releasing over 4,79,651 shells.


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