July 29, 2021
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THE GRAND ‘MOM’ ; Dr Santhamma Mathew

As one of the leading and acclaimed infertility specialists of Kerala, Dr Santhamma Mathew has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women in ways beyond imagination. Long before infertility treatment options became available in Kerala, an 18-year-old Muslim girl, who had tumours in her ovaries, came to meet the renowned obstetrician-gynaecologist, Dr Santhamma […]Continue Reading


Roy Kurian was born in 1965 to Kuriakose and Eliyamma and was the eldest among the four siblings. Belonging to a poor family who practised traditional agriculture for a living, Roy Kurian rose to heights in the field of business with his determination, perseverance and down-to-earth attitude. He is a renowned self-made personality for the people in Idukki and inspires many Continue Reading

Cubes International Group An enterprise built on determination and trust : Shareef Muhammed

Written By Diyara   Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Only a determined entity can persist in the face of perils. Shareef Muhammed, chairman and managing director of Cubes International Group, is the living example of this proverb.   Hailing from a small town in Thrissur, Kerala, Shareef’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with an initial […]Continue Reading