April 16, 2024
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Drone again on international border in Jammu and Kashmir; BSF fired, search continues

Drone presence again on the international border in Jammu and Kashmir. BSF fired at the drone. The search is continuing in the area. Detecting the constant presence of drones on the border poses a major challenge. The drone was found in Arnia sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

As soon as they saw the drone, BSF jawans opened fire to bring it down. But then the drone flew from the international border to the Pakistani side. The security forces are searching here to find it.

The drone was spotted around 5.30 am today. Security officials noticed the red and yellow lights flickering. As soon as the soldiers opened fire, it rose to the top and moved towards Pakistan.

The drone presence in Jammu and Kashmir has increased since the attack on the Air Force station in Jammu in June. The country was rocked by the June 26 and June 27 blasts. Two Air Force officers were slightly injured in the attack.

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