January 24, 2022
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Coronavirus Updates: 72 families ordered to be self quarantined as pizza delivery boy tests positive

Families in 72 houses in a region in Delhi’s South District have been advised to observe self-isolate after a pizza delivery boy related with a well known pizza chain tested positive for COVID-19, a District Magistrate of South Delhi said on Wednesday.

According to DM B.M. Mishra, a delivery boy from a well known pizza chain in Malviya Nagar territory tested positive on Tuesday, following which the authorities promptly chose to isolate his 16 associates at the outlet. An itemized trail was followed to distinguish each house where food was delivered by the outlet. “We have discovered that 72 houses had taken delivery from that outlet and henceforth everybody has been advised to follow prudent steps and be under self-isolate,” Mishra told.

He included that there was no compelling reason to freeze, as he had educated all the delivery young men to utilize maska and follow the safety measures while executing a delivery. In any case, the choice to send all contact people to isolate was ‘vital’ as a careful step. The said delivery boy is currently experiencing treatment at an emergency clinic, while other people who came in his contact are being checked on an every day basis.

Some of the requests from this outlet were additionally made through food delivery king Zomato, which said that while all associates of the delivery boy have tried pessimistic, as a careful step, the eatery has now suspended activities until further notice. “All the colleagues of the said rider have tried negative and as a precautionary measure, the eatery where the rider worked has suspended tasks,” an announcement by Zomato said.

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