May 26, 2024
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Congress not to speak to media houses for a month

The Congress Party, which is at present undergoing serious crises potential enough to disturb the overall strength of the party, has decided not speak to media houses for a period of one month.

The information has been publicised by Congress communication chief Randeep Surjewala. He has not cited any specific reason for his party’s surprising decision.

It seems that the Congress does not want to let the information regarding its ongoing struggle leak to the media houses in the country.

There are reports that Congress scion Rahul Gandhi is less likely to step back from his final decision of his resignation.

It is learned that the Congress president has given a deadline to his fellow party leaders to find a replacement.

At the same time, he, as per a latest report, has agreed to hold any other key position other than the president post.

He may be awarded the Congress Parliamentary Party leader post. At present, that position is held by Congress veteran Sonia Gandhi.

The big question is: who will replace Rahul Gandhi as the Congress President. Many names are emerging from Sachin Pilot to Kamal Nath.

The CWC is of the opinion that a replacement at this juncture will do harm to the Grand Old Party. It is likely to try to convince Rahul Gandhi its stand till the last moment.

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