May 26, 2022
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Congress, JD(S) dare BJP to prove its majority in Karnataka tomorrow; RJD, grand old party prepare to make claim in Bihar and Goa


Shorty after the BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate, B S Yeddyurappa, was inducted at the helm of the Karnataka state administration, the Congress and JD(S), which had hoped to stick on the power with the help of the post-poll alliance until the state governor took a unusual decision to invite the single largest party over the single largest coalition to form the government, have dared the saffron party to prove its majority in the state legislative assembly very the next day itself.

Meanwhile, in a different political development, the RJD, which was ousted from the power in Bihar after the JD(U) severed its alliance with the Lalu’s party with whom it had a pre-poll alliance and joined the BJP to form a government in the state, has staked a claim for the power in the state.

Tactically, similar move has been adopted in Goa, where the BJP wristed the power from its legitimate owner by forging a tactical post-poll alliance, by the Congress party -the single largest party in the tourist state.    

Is Yeddyurappa is powerful enough to rule the state more than fifteen days? (As per a latest report, the BJP leader will get a fifteen day time to prove his majority in the state legislative assembly.)


Vignesh. S. G

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