July 18, 2024
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Centre to grand concessions for students in Metro Rail


Students are the country’s prime asset. Our country earmarks a considerable amount every year for the smooth functioning and development of the education system. Students are offered mid-day meals, scholarships, books and many more, and our educational infrastructure is one of the most developed ones in the world. Apart from this, the government provides concessions for students in public transports.

But, recently, the metro rail authority behaved like they were totally unaware about the declared policy of the country on the students and their rights.

There is no doubt that the students do have the right to avail concessions in the metro rails operating in the country.

Unfortunately, in the recent past, the Fare Fixation Committee also observed that the metro rail was not technologically ready to grand such a concession.

Anyway, while answering a question raised on the subject, a senior minister of the BJP led government has asserted that the government would recommended the concerned committee to grand concessions for students in the metro railways.

At present, the metro rails operating in the progressive states like West Bengal are giving concessions to certain marginalised section of the society.

Unfortunately, no student organisations have came forward with such a demand in the recent past.   


Vignesh. S. G

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