October 3, 2022
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IMA calls on strike against NMC bill


In order to put pressure on the central government, the Indian Medical Association has called on a nationwide strike against the National Medical Commission Bill.

The strike is likely to heavily affect the patients, particularly those patients which entirely depend on the government hospitals.

It have been reported that the emergency department, causality and Intensive Care Union sections of hospitals would work in the way it are supposed to work in a normal day. It has been said that all initiatives have been taken to make sure that the nationwide strike does not disturb the aforesaid sections.

As many as tens of thousands of doctors working across the county is participating in the strike, which has been called on to express the allopathy doctor’s dissatisfaction in some provisions granted by the controversial bill.

Noteworthy, the prime provision of the bill which have angered the modern medical doctors is the provision that permits the non-allopathy doctors to practice this section of medical science.

The protesting doctors have also alleged that the bill not only encourages crosspathy but also eases procedure for private medial collages.

At present, the bill is in the Lok Sabha. At his moment, it is not clear how the government will handle the pressure exerted by the one of the most powerful organisations of the country.


Vignesh. S. G

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