June 7, 2023

The emerging sensation of south – Abhirami V Iyer

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Nowadays, beauty titles define the caliber of models. When some titles help to boost careers, some others are even capable to spoil it. What is important is which beauty compatition one chooses to appear, who all are in the grooming panal and judging panal of that compatition, and how that panal members mould competitor’s talent.

Abhirami V Iyer proudly says she has selected the right platform to demonstrate her talent as a model. The valuable knowledge and confidance imparted by the experianced groomers and emininet judges of the platform have helped her to become one of the unavoidable elements in the modern entertainment industy.

Now, she is an established actress, a brillient dancer, and an exceptional model. She owes the enviable growth she has aquired in her career to the prestigious platform of the “Miss Tamil Nadu 2017”, the beauty contest organised by the renowned event production company Pegasus.

Abhirami V Iyer has been the title winner of the beauty contest, in which several beautiful talents from the state have participated.

The beauty contest organised by the Pegasus has been not a usual beauty contest, it has been unique in its own way.

Unlike other beauty contests, in the Miss Tamil Nadu, there have been an helpful grooming panel and an friendly judging panel, who has been always eager to help the contestents to understand the keyword of success, ‘learn more and compitate less’.

Let’s talk to Ms. Abhirami.  



    • How did you enter the challenging career of modeling?

    I never thought I would become a model. Being a student of Kalakshetra, I always thought I would excel as a good dancer.  

    • Say few words about your life in ‘Kalakshetra’, particularly about how it influenced your life and career

    The time I have spent in ‘Kalakshetra’ is one of the best moments in my life. It is one of the very few art institutions which still follow the ‘Gurukul system’. Dance is my breadth.  


    • Can you share us the detailed daily routine, particularly training programs, special diet and beauty tips, you regularly follow to maintain the beauty

    I always make sure that I eat proper nutritious food. I am not an exercise freak, but I am a yogi. I have learned ‘Angamardana’, ‘Bhuta Shuddhi’ and ‘Yogasana’ and certain similar ‘kriyas’. I do perform the aforementioned practices regularly. These practices help me keep my inner part and other part healthy.

    To enhance my beauty, I only do some little things. I take oil bath once in a week. For a healthy hair, I regularly apply oil on my hair. I only use natural items, such as aloe vera and milk, for my skin.

    The positive energy that I nourish by staying happy and spreading happiness to the surrounding I live is the secret beauty tip helps me enhance my beauty.     


    • Say few words about the film that you debuted as an actress


    My debut movie is Kalavu, in which I share screen with popular Tamil actor Kalaiyarasan. It is a thriller film. Actually, it is not yet released. The happiest thing is that the film is expected to be released in March.  

    • What is the main difference that you observed between TV advertisements and films?


    For me, both are same. Only noteworthy difference I have noticed between TV advertisements and films is the time taken to create these works. To create both these creative things, a lot of hard work is needed.   

    • Do you ever think that models should not do the advertisements of those products which they feel are not capable to give what it promises in the advertisement?


    Yes, if the products are evidently not the same as they show in the advertisements, it is best not to do those advertisements. People believe what we show and say in the advertisements, so I feel what we do should be genuine.  

    • Say few words about your upcoming projects


    My upcoming projects are a horror film and a film discuses a village subject. The shooting session of the projects is expected to start from February.  

    • Who is your favorite actor? Why?

    Shah Rukh Khan is my favorite actor. He always dreams high. Importantly, he makes sure that he achieves his dreams. That is the reason why I love him and respect him to the core.    

    • Where do you see yourself in five years? a successful model or a successful actress

    I live in present. Our future is not in our hand. But, of course, I do have dreams, like my hero whom I admire.   

    • What is your message to young aspiring actresses and models?

    Dream big, work hard and be genuine. Success will come on your way on its own.


    • Say few words about your family


    It is a beautiful sparrow nest. I love my mother. She is my inspiration. Literally, she is an angel sent by God to help me when I miss him.

    I have a sweet brother. My day never ends without picking a fight with him. I do miss my dad at times.

    Last, but not least, I wish to thank the Pegasus family for giving me recognition in the industry by enabling me to achieve the prestigious beauty title of ‘Miss Tamil Nadu 2017’.


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