June 24, 2024
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Case of assault on actress; The petition seeking stay of the trial will be considered today

The special court will today hear a petition filed by the police seeking stay of the trial in the Actress Assault case. Director Balachandra Kumar had revealed that Dileep has links with Sunil Kumar, the main accused in the case.

Balachandra Kumar, the director who made the revelation against Dileep, will be issued a notice soon. The probe team believes that Balachandran’s revelation will be the main evidence of the conspiracy. It was in this context that the special team decided for further investigation.

The probe team has informed the trial court that Dileep was in possession of defamatory footage of the actress. In the second phase of the chargesheet, the police had stated that the memory card which recorded the attack on the actress could not be found and the investigation is continuing on it.

The police said in a fresh report to the court that they were launching an investigation based on the evidence available in the case. He also requested that the trial be adjourned till the final chargesheet is filed in the case.

Meanwhile, the actress, who was attacked in the case, wrote a letter to the Chief Minister asking for further investigation. The actress has stated in the letter that she wants an inquiry into director Balachandra Kumar’s revelations and is concerned about the resignation of the second public prosecutor. Actor Dileep, the main accused in the case, has filed a complaint against the prosecution.

Dileep alleges that prosecution is behind director Balachandra Kumar’s revelation. The interview is an attempt to subvert the court case. The investigating officer is also behind the complaint. Dileep alleged that the complaint was lodged the day before the 202nd witness, the investigating officer, was questioned.

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