June 20, 2024
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Cancelled defence contract triggers word-war between Poland and France

In the latest episode of the word-war between Poland and France over the cancelled defence deal, a Polish deputy minister delivered humiliating comments against France. As per the report, the Deputy Defence Minister of Poland, Bartosz Kownacki, claimed that the French people do not possess class quality. He added that the Polish people taught the French people how to use a classy fork and knife. Anyway, the France government or any other representatives have not yet responded to the comment raised by a reputed person of the Polish government. The cancellation of a defence deal was the prime factor of the present issue. Earlier, the then Civil Platform led-government had signed an agreement with Airbus to supply helicopters. But, later, in last November, the newly elected Law and Justice party had scrapped the move. Since then, the tension between the two neighbouring nations in Europe- France and Poland- has been reportedly increasing rampantly. It is learned that the Poland government has given the same order to a US based company. It is said that the Airbus may file a petition against the Polish government. The reports say that the Law and Justice party has publically requested an apology, saying the remarks were extremely unfortunate. Anyway, the main opposition party of Poland, Civil Platform party, sought the resignation of the deputy minister. However, the latest development is expected to trigger huge uproar both in France and Poland.


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