June 26, 2022
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Can we prevent obscene contents from getting into internet: SC asks ISPs

 Nowadays, we are normally welcomed by the array of obscene contents when we get into the internet space, irrespective of for what purpose we are in that platform. We have had several debates and deliberations on how can we control these obscene contents. Moreover, there have been several incidences in which women are victimised due to the unavailability of proper mechanism to check the circulation of the obscene videos. We have several times asked ourselves that is not there a proper mechanism to prevent uploading of obscene contents into the internet space. Finally, the same question has been asked by the Supreme Court also. We are living in a democratic country so we have all right to watch and publish or post whatever we like in the internet space. Can our rights be misused to defame or hurt other? While asking a relevant question to the Internet Service Providers, the Supreme Court bench headed by Justices Madan B Lokur and U U Lalit, which is considering the case, cited the issue of loss of the reputation of women and children who become victims of these obscene contents uploaded in the internet space. Giving a clarification to the query, the Google’s lawyer claims that it is impossible to filter the contents as there are lots of contents uploading in the internet space simultaneously.  In a statement, the Google asserts that they already have an effective mechanism that allows the concerned authorities or customers or individuals to report the obscene contents. Such reports are considered seriously, they added. The reported obscene contents which depict violence against the women or children are removed without delay, they further added. However, the court held that serious charges should be registered against those people who were found responsible for uploading such obscene contents in the internet space. It cannot be concluded that the internet spaces is only used for this purpose. Actually, with the advent of the internet, we are getting tonnes and tonnes of information at literally free of cost. Only issue is that we must be able to filter the information ourselves using our rational thoughts and must learn to use it responsibly.


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