March 1, 2024
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BSP supremo promises Special Status for AP

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Aggressively attacking both the BJP and Congress over the issue of the AP Special Status, the BSP leader, Mayawati, has promised that she would grant special status to the unjustifiably bifurcated Andhra Pradesh if elected to power.

The statement has been made when she has attended a special press conference in the state of Andhra Pradesh along with JSP leader Pawan Kalyan.

The Jana Sena Party, the party led by renowned Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan, has recently entered into the alliance led by the BSP.

During the meeting, the BSP supremo has predicted that the JSP leader would become the Chief Minister of the state in the near future.

While asked whether she would become the Prime Minister of the country, she has responded positively. She has said that she would become the PM if people want her to hold that position.

She has indirectly indicated that she could give a clear answer to the question whether she will become the PM or not until the result of the UP is out.

In UP, the BSP and SP are in a pre poll alliance. Compared to others, the alliance led by the BSP and SP is more powerful in the state.

UP often plays a crucial role in deciding who should rule the nation. UP can sent at least 80 lawmakers to the parliament. Winning UP means winning the country.   


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