July 25, 2021
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BJP national chief directs party UP Chief to expel Unnao accused

BJP national president Amit Shah has summoned the party’s Uttar Pradesh president to the Indian national capital of Delhi and directed him to expel the Unnao accused from the party.

The decision has come shortly after the top court of the country decided to transfer the case outside the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

A couple of days before, in a mysterious accident, the Unno victim and her lawyer were injured and her two close relatives were died.

The victim’s family alleged that the Unnao accused was the one who plotted the accident. Earlier, in a letter to the top court, the Unnao victim herself stated that she received serious threats from the family members and close aids of the Unnao accused.

Many have welcomed the BJP’s decision to expel the Unnao accused. For the last few days, the BJP has been facing serious criticism over the issue.

The Unnao accused is a very strongman in the region. Since the emergence of the case, several murders have happened in the case. The death of the two aunts of the Unnao victim in the accident is the latest of that. Notably, the father of the victim died in a mysterious circumstance in custody. And, the uncle of the victim was jailed. It was when the victim, her lawyer and her aunts (one is the wife of the victims’ jailed uncle and the other her sister) were travelling to meet the uncle that the car in which they were travelling collided with an unidentified truck.

The Unnao victim deserves justice. She needs the support of the entire society, as she is fighting against a person who is very close to the corridor of power of the nation as well as the state. Let’s stand with her until she gets the justice that she truly deserves. It is a time-tested fact that truth will win at the end no matter whatever happens.

Justice for the Unnao Victim

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