May 29, 2024
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Congress scion writes letter to Kerala CM for flood affected

Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, who represents the Kerala constituency of Wayanad, has written a letter to the Kerala Chief Minister, urging the CPM led LDF government of the state for early payment of compensation to the flood affected people in the constituency.

He has also written to Union Minister Arjun Munda for the flood affected people in his constituency. The Wayanad MP has also demanded the early reconstruction of the development infrastructure destroyed by the natural disaster.

Wayanad is a hilly state. It is home to several tribal communities. Many members of these communities have lost their livelihood and shelter due to the natural disaster. The majority of those affected are poor tribal people.

The former Congress president has demanded the early payment of compensation to the tribal people who were affected due to the rain-related issues.

In the recent General Election, the Congress scion contested from two constituencies Amethi and Wayanad because of the peculiar political circumstances prevailed in the country at that time. He was defeated by Smrithi Irani in Amethi. It was the Wayanad people who helped him to go back to the Lower House of the parliament, even though he was failed by his family constituency.

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