September 23, 2023
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BJP Govt presents its last budget of this term

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The BJP-led central government has presented its last budget of the present term of five years, which it is about to complete in few months.

It was expected that the government would include several stunning offers for those unhappy with the governing style, primarily farmers.

It seems that all such expectations have been addressed by the budget perfectly. The farmers of the country are the ones that have received the biggest gift from the latest budget.

As per the budget, the government will provide a sum of 6000 Indian rupees every year for all small and marginalised farmers who do not hold more than two hectors of farming land. The fund will be transferred to the band accounts of the eligible farmers directly through their bank accounts. According to the budget, a huge sum of 20,000 crores has been in the current financial year for the project. It is expected that as many as 12 crore farmers will get the benefit of this project. Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, while presenting his first budget, has indirectly assured that no state government would be forced to share the financial burden of this scheme.   


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