July 11, 2020
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Beauty tips for working women


Working women would find it difficult to manage their time to follow a hair and beauty treatment. Make-up for work schedule should be subtle, natural and easy enough to complete it even while in a rush. The best make-up look for any workplace should be one that enhances your features and not hide who you are. No matter the shape and size of the body, the tone of your skin and your facial concerns, there’s always a way to enhance your beauty to boost up your confidence during work. When you feel good about yourself from the inside, you will feel more confident at work.

The best tip for hair is to keep it looking natural. Add texture to your hair by using sea salt spray. Simply spray it all over the hair for a wavy and effortless look. Wearing a headband will hide a bad hair day, so try preferring to a floral hair band for the day and mix it up with a metallic headscarf at night. The sun can make hair dry and discoloured. The best way to tackle this problem is by using sun protecting hair products. These products do have protecting and restoring formulas that help to keep your hair looking healthy and full of shine. Another problem that working women will be facing are chapped lips. Spending all of your time outdoors and enjoying the sun is bound to leave them dehydrated and dry. A tinted lip balm will moisturize your lips while adding a dash of colour to brighten up your makeup look. For your lips, its better to focus on one colour. If you are unsure what style suits you best, then stick to a natural colour. When choosing a colour for your lips, always pick a lipstick colour that is two shades darker than the inside of your lips. And for the eyes, waterproof mascara is advisable to prevent smudge. It does not run, so your lashes will stay looking luscious for longer.

The same goes for the skin. It is vital to start applying make-up on a fresh, clean and moisturized face. Using moisturizer will also help smoothen make-up application and if not used your skin surface will be rough and dry, leaving make-up looking uneven and unpolished. Make-up will come off easily and colours would be dull if our skin is not cleansed. It’s also important to ensure that all the make-up has been removed once the day is over. Similarly care should be taken while adding colour to your eyes. Black smoky eyes and bright eye shadows might not be suitable for the workplace. If there is a need to add colour to your eyes, do so on special occasions or casual Fridays. The right eye shadow colour can add dimensions to your eyes and enhance your look.

Becoming a healthy food junk will keep you more glowing. If you are able to run away from fast food fast enough, you might be doing a huge favour to your skin. The ingredients in fast food can harm your health and your skin too. At work, it is good to keep a handful of almonds, berries or some fruits. These foods are bound to boost the antioxidant and nutrient levels.

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